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Презентацыя «Izgulējums — komplekss risinājums» (Kaspars Snippe, 2010., LV) 

Презентацыя «Brūču klīnika — Jūsu pacientu aprūpei» (Kaspars Snippe, 2008., Rīga, LV)

Презентацыя «Klīniskais gadījums — paciente pēc traumas» (Kaspars Snippe, LV)

Презентацыя «Brūču klīnikas izgulējumu pacienti bildēs» (LV) 

Презентацыя «SGap Flaps for Closure of Sacral Defects» (Group of authors, 2009, Erevan, EN) 

Презентацыя «Case report — Osteomielitis» (Martins Malzubris, 2009, Erevan, EN) 

Reconstruction of oncologic defects ( M.Timofejevs, 2010, RU)

Simultaneous lower extremity defect and vascular reconstructions( Martins Malzurbis, 2010, EN)

BONE RECONSTRUCTION FOR PAEDIATRIC PATIENTS (Dz.Ozols and a group of authors, 2010,EN)

Reconstructing lower extremity after osteomyelitis in tiba bone ( L.Repse, 2010,EN)

Microbiological diagnoses and choice of antibiotics before operation of patients with chronic infections (M.Malzubris, 2012EN)

Comparison of treatment results in patients with trochanteric pressure ulcers with and without hip joint involvement (M.Malzubris, 2012EN)

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