Plastic surgeon Baktibek Omurzakov visited Latvia

  • Brūču Klīnika
  • December 2, 2009

Plastic surgeon Baktibek Omurzakov (Kirgizstan) visited Latvia on 8-17 November 2009. Baktibek Omurzakov specialises in reconstruction of ear concha and ear defects. During the visit, Dr.Omurzakov took part in free medical consultations of patients in Riga and Daugavpils in the frame of the campaign “Piešuj lācītim austiņas!” (sew the ears to the Teddy bear!) which was organised by the Wound Clinic (SIA “Brūču klīnika”). Altogether 7 patients were consulted in Riga and 7 – in Daugavpils. Additionally, Dr.Omurzakov participated in the international seminar for plastic surgeons as a lecturer. The topic of the seminar was reconstructive surgery in former Soviet countries; among the lecturers were also known surgeons such as Prof.V.Kalnbērzs (Latvia), Dr.J.Tāls (Latvia) and Dr.J.Cvetkov (Belarus).

Dr.B.Omurzakov has studied in Kirgizstan State Medicine Institute and practiced in USA, he has also regularly updated his qualification in Russia. While working in Kirgizstan, he gained vast experience in plastic microsurgery. He has shared his experience in many international conferences and also by participating in operations by invitation. Before, he visited Riga in 2003, 2004 and in 2005, when he altogether with his Latvian colleague, plastic surgeon Olafs Libermanis did several operations for reconstruction of ear concha. One of the patients was at that time 7 years old girl who now has very few signs of ever having ear problems.

In 2003 Dr.Omurzakov started his private practice and up to this moment works with reconstructive microsurgery, plastic and aesthetic surgery. At the same time he is also a consultant at the state hospital and a lecturer in the International Kirgizstan University.


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