Doctors of the Wound Clinic present Latvian medicine achievements in Armenia

  • Brūču Klīnika
  • February 5, 2010

In October 2009, six doctors of the Wound Clinic: Santa Daukste, Dzintars Ozols, Kaspars Snippe, Jānis Lapiņš, Elvijs Gulbis and Mārtiņš Malzubris participated in the International Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Congress in Erevan, Armenia. Delegations from Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt and USA, as well as from others participated in the Congress. Presentations were made by many worldwide known lecturers. Doctors of the Wound Clinic had speeches on the most modern technologies in Latvia used for wound healing and on different tactics chosen by doctors to treat difficult cases of unhealing wounds. Altogether, doctors of the Wound Clinic had 6 presentations in the Congress, and one of those received an award of organisers for being the best in its category.

This was the first travel of the Wound Clinic to such Congress taking place in post-Soviet country. „Two years ago, many of our doctors had good connections with Russia, Belarussia, Ukraine, as well as with the countries of MidAsia and the Caucasus republics. Nowadays, when it is easier to travel to Sidney than to Saint Petersburg, it is necessary to maintain the relationships,” says plastic surgeon and the managing director of the Wound Clinic O.Libermanis. „At the moment it is hard to enter into the Western market, therefore we have started to explore Eastern direction. Armenians might be attracted by comparatively high level of medicine which we can offer, predictable business cooperation and business environment. Already several Armenian doctors have expressed their interest to come to Latvia to update their skills. However Latvians might be interested in tourism in Armenia.”

About the Congress

Santa Daukste: „The Congress was more oriented to aesthetic and plastic surgery, for example, there were many presentations on mamoplastia, its complications and correction. There was an opportunity to meet residents of plastic surgery, as well as with the practitioners. I got impression that medicine in Erevan mainly deals with aesthetic surgery and microsurgery, however the reconstructive surgery (except face surgery after oncologic illness) is done just in exceptional cases.” 

Jānis Lapiņš: “The most notable lecturer was professor Julia Terzis, USA, who had a presentation on face reanimation. She is one of the leading peripheral nerve surgeons in the world – she has a fantastic experience and almost 20 years of results in face surgery.”

Dzintars Ozols: “We demonstrated a very good team work with good results, style and skills. We didn’t have real competitors in discussions about the microsurgery methods. Many Armenian senior doctors had this experience in their adolescence; however the youngest generation didn’t have that experience at all. The reconstructive and microsurgery does not exist anymore in Armenia.”









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