Surgical treatment

Conservative treatment of III and IV level bedsores is time consuming. Subcutaneous tissue, or superficial fascia is a very thin layer and thus bedsores can easily appear repeatedly. In these cases much more effective is treatment with local flap.

Advantages of closing bedsores with local flap:

  • Liquidation of defect in relatively short time;
  • Reduced risk of blod poisoning complications and development of further organ damage;
  • Improved life quality of patients.

Plastic surgery and microsurgery methods are used to treat patients. After radical cut of damaged tissues and closing of defect with different flaps, also wide range antibacterial therappy has to be started in case of III and IV  level bedsores.

Most friequently, tissues are taken from areas which are close to operated place. Optimal healing time – 1 month, during which treated part of the body shouldn’t be used.

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