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  • 07.04.2010


The Wound clinic (Brucu klinika) is a small medical company founded by Latvian problem wound care enthusiasts.
Since most of us are young or still learning doctors, we arranged a short, informal conference to see through our patients, procedures and complications, boast our surgical victories and tell about the mistakes. In the last few months many doctors visited also Armenia, Ukraine and Belorussia and now will share their experience in the former SU countries, now exotic for most of EU members.



Preliminary Program:
The reports from Congresses and Medical Exchange programs in foreign countries
Armenia: Kaspars Snipe
Ukraine: Eriks Ozols
Belorussia: Martins Malzubris
Germany, the Department of paralyzed patient, Ludvigshafen: Kaspars Snipe

Treatment protocols and Case Reviews:
Pressure sores:
The guidelines and the treatment protocol: Dzintars Ozols
The use of the lower limb fillet flap in closure of a massive pressure sore: Mihails Timofejevs
The successful closure of multiple pressure sores in a veteran of the pressure sore disease: Marta Rudakovska

The guidelines and the treatment protocol: Dzintars Ozols
Lower limb salvage in a difficult situation: reconstruction vs. amputation: Martins Malzubris
The debridement and bone reconstruction in a patient with the pelvis osteomielytis: Martins Malzubris
The reconstruction of a segmental defect of the femur with a fibular free flap: Eriks Ozols
The treatment of the osteomielytis of the tibia with a contra lateral fibular free flap: Janis Lapins

Problem Wounds:
A gentleman with multiple diseases and problem wound: a complex approach: Santa Daukste
VAC Instill in salvage of a young woman with the pelvic abscess: Dzintars Ozols
The death of a patient with a radiation ulcer:  problems in the treatment of seniors: Egita Deine
The treatment of the recurrent piloidal sinus infection with debridement and flap coverage

The year 2010 in the problem wound care: first three months
The Overview: Kaspars Snipe certified general surgeon, Head of the Department

My performance in the 2010: reports of the doctors

Marta Rudakovska:  certified plastic surgeon
Mihails Timofejevs: certified oncologic surgeon
Janis  Lapins: resident, plastic  surgery
Martins Malzubris: resident, orthopedic surgery
Eriks Ozols: resident, orthopedic surgery
Santa Daukste: resident, general surgery
Egita Deine: resident, general surgery

Place: Ikšķiles lauku teritorija, Ogres rajons, "Krauklīši" (
Time: on April 10, 2010
Informative telephone number: 28288534











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